Treat Yourself
With Chester

Executive Chef Chester Knowles specializes in regional and Coastal cuisine using the area's highest quality produce and seafood to create delicious dishes.

Treat yourself to an Illycafe cappuccino or expresso after dinner, along with a choice from the tempting array of desserts like the Bourbon Pecan Pie and the Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee.

Our Speciality

Shrimp Scampi $32

Jumbo Shrimp, Diver Sea Scallops & "Cold Water" Lobster Tail gently simmered in a Roasted Garlic & Prosciutto Cream Sauce over Linguine

Provençal Chicken Roasted$31

Roasted Caribbean Jerk Free Range Chicken Breast over Seasoned Rice Pilaf with Grilled Pineapple Salsa with Yukon Gold Potatoes & Bluelake Beans

Slow Braised Pork Belly$27

Herb Roasted Pork Loin over Maple Whipped Sweet Potatoes, Saute' Haricot Verts, Vidalia Onion Jus with Ragoût of Four Peas & Chanterelle Mushrooms

Live Entertainment

Ask to hear your favorite songs on the baby grand piano, sip some of the colorful and creative martinis such as the Velvet Bunny, the Lady Godiva, Picasso's Blue Period, or the Monkey Suit in our Palm Room Martini Bar. Eat, drink, dance and enjoy -- shed the mainland and join us for the Island experience. We feature live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights.

Fri 18:00 - 22:00, Saturday 14:00 - 24:00


From Our Blog

Quick FAQs about the Clone A Willy kit

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 3 years, you’d have come across this famous phrase —  “Clone A Willy.” If you’re an average joe surfing the internet, you’d be pleasantly surprised by the recent upheaval in the popularity of this rather exciting masterpiece. Your social media pages are probably experiencing uploads from across the globe about this DIY kit, to the point of spamming you, to say the least.


But what is this product? Why is it gaining so much popularity from everywhere? Is it even worth it? We’ll find out in this article.


Here, I’ve written a bunch of FAQs to give you a complete idea about this product.


What is Clone A Willy?


For the uninitiated, this is a dildo-making kit. Yes, so it’s exactly as per your specifications. But the only difference between a store-bought dildo and a Clone A Willy dildo is that you literally “make it” in the latter.

As the name suggests, it is directed towards couples who want to replicate the shape of their penis or rather “clone” their willy! I agree, “willy” is a rather turning-off kind of name for penises, but honestly, we can’t do much except nod our heads and move on.


Nevertheless, the product surely doesn’t disappoint as the name. More often than not, it exceeds all expectations and performs wilder than you could have imagined.


But then this means it’s only good if you are living with a partner. Right?



You can clone anyone’s dick, be it your FWBs or your ex’s. You can even clone your partner’s dick and feel him when you’re in a long-distance relationship.

Furthermore, this kit can be a blessing if your partner suffers from erectile problems. Just ask him to make a clone and please yourself with it for as long as possible.


It saves tons of relationships. Trust me on this.


Is Clone A Willy safe to use?


Safe! Made from the choicest materials, Clone A Willy screams luxury like no other product. Each material has been medically approved for external use. Hence it is safe from a medical point of view.


But you must stay away from counterfeits. There are enough first-hand copies online who ridiculously claim to have cracked the formula of cloning a dildo. Unfortunately, they are all scams, and the claims couldn’t be farther from the truth; if you use the product only once, you’d know. Not only are they completely off the charts in terms of their set time or material strength, but more often than not, they’re unsafe for the body. You’ll be dipping your precious dick in a mixture of goo; you better be careful about what it is!


Is Clone A Willy a scam?


Not one bit! No marketing problems, no hidden agendas, and especially no false claims. This is probably one of the most genuine kits in the market doing exactly what it claims— cloning a willy, as simple as that.


Is Clone A Willy customizable?


It is as customizable as your dresses. Yep, you read that right.


I’d made 6 clones of various colors and modifications if you ask me. One of them includes a glowing dildo! If you take it in the dark, it pops up in bright neon green color and is a necessary spice for some of our “regular” nights.

Another cute one I’m particularly proud of is the vibrator dildo. This one has a tiny motor inside it so that I can get some extra sensation! Imagine your favorite penis, but now it sends titillating vibrations up your pussy. Crazy, isn’t it!?


What’s inside this kit?


Inside the kit, you’ll find everything you need to mold your penis and make your dildo.

The package comes in a long slender plastic tube resembling you know what. If you open the kit, you find:

  • A pouch of molding powder
  • A cheap vibrator
  • A thermometer (!)
  • A balsa wood stick for stirring
  • Two jars of silicone gel


What is NOT included inside the kit, but do you still need it?


Some of the tools you will be needing are:

  • Measuring cup
  • Large mixing bowl
  • An accurate timer
  • Scissors
  • A disposable container to mix silicone in
  • Four-inch square cardboard to suspend the vibrator as the dildo hardens
  • A strong nylon thread


Is Clone A Willy pride-friendly?


Absolutely. This is one of the few sex toys on the market that doesn’t objectify anything or exaggerate anything that showcases natural beauty. You’d often see larger-than-life dildos or extremely tight fleshlights being sold in the market. These products set the standard of sex unimaginably high and take away the joys of fulfilling intercourse.


Clone A Willy, on the other hand, replicates real life. You’d be surprised to see how perfectly the dick is molded and then cloned into a silicon dildo. There are no size modifications or nonsensical changes that could ruin your sex life.

Last but not least, our dildos can be used by everyone irrespective of their sexual orientation. You could replicate your boyfriend’s penis and use it on your lovely gay ass or give each other the gift you both wanted. Imagine having a replica of each other’s penises. Cute!


Would I recommend Clone A Willy?


Heck yes, without a flint of a doubt! Clone A Willy has certainly exceeded all my expectations. Yes, I agree that it might be a little bit difficult to use it initially, but if you get your timings and temperature correct, you win the gold.


So yes, I would undoubtedly recommend Clone A Willy to anyone looking to make a long-lasting dildo of their or their partner’s penis. Buy your Clone A Willy kit at Twice Tonight today.